What you need to know about packing and moving books

Visibility 3rd December 2019

There are plenty of people out there who still love to curl up with a good book. This does present a challenge when moving as a collection can be tricky to pack up and move. But we are here with some advice to help you move your books successfully. In addition, we offer the professional removals Hartlepool and surrounding areas can trust.

Advice for book worms

While you might want to keep one or two out, books aren’t exactly an “essential”. As a result you can start packing them away in advance before the day you move out. Make sure you take back any library books or at least keep them away from the others. This way you won’t forget about them and incur any late fees. As we said earlier, keep some books out if you want to do any reading before you move.

This might sound unthinkable to some people but if you look through your collection, you might be able to slim it down. There might be some that you have never picked up because they do not interest you. You may have others you have read and don’t plan on ever picking them back up. Sort through and make two piles of ones to keep and ones to sell or give away.

Packing away your books

Professional removals HartlepoolBefore tackling the task that lies ahead, you will need sturdy boxes, a pen to label them, tape to seal them, and packing paper. We can provide you with tough packing materials including tape and boxes that are perfect for moving jobs. This also gives you one less thing to sort out.

A really helpful piece of advice is to keep the box at a close height next to the book shelf when packing. This will save your back from strain and means you can pack straight from the shelf to the box. Furthermore, this will mean you pack the books in order. As a result it will be easier to place them on shelves at your new home.

When it comes to packing, you want to put 1 or 2 pieces of packing paper into the bottom of the box. You can choose between packing hardbacks flat or upright. However, never pack with the spine up because you could damage them. Pack spine to spine if you are placing them upright and put a couple of packing paper sheets between rows if you have room for a third row. Note that you are better off packing paperbacks flat.

Make sure you wrap up any leather bound, old, or special books in packing paper for an extra layer of protection. Furthermore you will want to avoid cramming a lot of books into a single box because this could lead to damage. At the same time, fill any gaps so that items don’t move around during transit. When you have placed all of the books into the boxes, you can go ahead and put some flat sheets of packing paper over the top and seal the box.

Professional removals in Hartlepool and further afield

This advice should help you get all your books ready to move with you. N&N Removals can help with packing and unpacking, including setting up furniture such as bookcases. This is why we are known as the establishment offering professional removals Hartlepool can count on. So, whatever your needs are, reach out to us and we would love to speak to you.