What students must know before moving in

admin 20th November 2018

Despite what some individuals believe, every move is different. This means that removers cannot rely on the same strategies all the time. However, this isn’t a problem for us. We are one of the most flexible teams supplying professional removals Redcar has. We tailor everything to your specific needs.

Moving away from home or student halls to rental accommodation can be exciting. Saying this, you must prepare yourself if you want to avoid any issues. You need to make sure you memorise the following information before unpacking your bags.


The first thing to do when you move in is do an inventory. You have to put down a deposit for these properties. As such, you’ll want to make certain you can recover it. To accomplish this, you need to have a good look around. Examine the structure’s general condition and check for damage. If you find any problems, record them and notify the landlord. This will help to prevent disputes once you leave your tenancy.

Contacting your landlord

Find out how you can get in touch with your landlord too. They are responsible for the majority of repairs. It is a good idea to speak to them about repairs before things escalate. A great idea would be to nominate someone who shall liaise with the landlord. In case you receive them, keep any letters your landlord sends you. In addition, take the time to ask how the appliances work.

Understand your position

Finally, you must understand that you have responsibilities as well. Renters must pay their bills and have to comply with the tenancy agreements. They can’t disturb their neighbours either. If you have any concerns, talk to your landlord about them calmly.

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