Update everyone and everything before you move

admin 22nd May 2019

If you need help with small business removals Redcar has no team that is more suited to the task than our own. We offer every client a bespoke service as well as outstanding customer care. No matter how tough the job is, we always find a way to get it done on time.

Before a business move the first thing you need to do is choose a destination. Then you can get to the real planning of how to relocate. Here you must ensure that your company’s downtime does not negatively impact you or your clients too much. For things to turn out this way, you need to move as efficiently as possible. Here is some advice to aid you with that.

Inform vendors

One of the earliest steps should be to inform your vendors of the move. It is wise to do this one to three months in advance. When you arrive at your new premises, you don’t want to be missing any vital things. By telling your vendors about the plans, they can make alterations to your billing address and shipping schedules.

If you require something new, you either need to order in advance so you can take it with you or should get delivery to your new address. Choose the best option for you but remember if you are taking more things with you it can increase the removal cost.

Make sure everything is in place

You should update your business cards, letterhead, and website prior to the move as well. The ideal time to do this would be one to two weeks beforehand. In the last week, it is essential that you have everything in position. When employees get to the new office, they won’t need to spend long adjusting. They can get back to work rather quickly so there is less downtime.

Small business removals RedcarAt N&N Removals, we assist businesses of varying sizes in moving to new areas. While we are the best for small business removals Redcar has, we can also help larger companies too. To ensure a seamless move, we will attend to the transport, packing, and planning requirements.

Rest assured that as an insured company, we will take your move very seriously. If there is anything we can do for you, please don’t hesitate to contact us.