Tips for moving with your books

admin 29th May 2019

N&N is proud to attend to the needs of clients from all over the Teesside region. People consider us the greatest establishment working in regional removals Hartlepool has. No project out there is too much for us; we will always find a fast, safe, effective way to help you move.

We live in a world with on-demand audio books and very fast internet. Despite this, many people have a physical book collection that has s special place in their heart. You could be an avid reader yourself. If you are and you’re moving, it is likely that you have a huge amount of your favourite books to pack. We have some useful tips to share that will make this task a far easier one to manage.

Do you want to keep them all?

One thing you could do is donate some of these books. Just to be clear, we aren’t asking you to part ways with any of your favourites. What you should do though is go through any old books and donate those you haven’t used in years. Your home may be filled with stacks of children’s stories, old textbooks, and travel guides. Therefore, the best approach would be to donate anything you don’t want or need to keep.

Sort your books

regional removals HartlepoolAfter you decide what you are keeping, sort the books by type and size. Once you are done, reinforce the bottom edges of the moving boxes you are using with packing tape.

It is best to pack hardbacks spine to spine in a vertical manner. This will allow you to fit more books into the box. Then fill up your empty spaces with packing paper. Secure them using tape and finish by labelling them. It is easier to pack paperbacks because they are smaller.

Whatever type of book you pack just make sure the boxes aren’t too heavy. The last thing you want is the bottom to collapse or the box to be too heavy to carry.

At N&N Removals, we deliver services that satisfy the needs of every client. Moreover, we provide everyone with advice on separate elements of the move. Using this advice, you can plan for complications.

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