The secrets to a safer and more convenient move

admin 28th December 2018

When it comes to home removals Hartlepool has no company that is superior to our own. For over two decades, our aim has been assisting the families who are moving to new destinations. It’s never an easy job to do, whether it is local, national or overseas. However, things are far more manageable with professionals by your side.

If you’re after some house removal tips, then you are in the right place. The advice we offer helps make removals more convenient, efficient, and safer. We’d be more than happy to provide you with the same information here. Read on to discover our top tips.

A list

Like with so many things the best way to start is by creating a list. Despite the importance of this step, people often ignore it. Trust us when we say you won’t remember everything. With everything written down you can keep track.

Packing materials

No matter how good you think your preparation is, it is likely you won’t have enough packing materials. It can be tricky to estimate how many boxes you need. When you factor in wrapping paper, film, tape, and things like packing Styrofoam, there is a lot you need to arrange. A good idea is to ask our team for advice. We can recommend materials for you based on your possessions and our broad packing knowledge.


You might be moving in with your life partner. In these cases, you may find out that you own two sets of standard appliances. This includes washing machines, vacuum cleaners, and an array of kitchen items like kettles. Decide which ones you want to keep and see what is left over. There are various options to dispose of these, including selling them, donating to charity, giving them to friends, or choosing a storage locker.

At N&N Removals, we make our clients the top priority. It remains this way until you’re happy with everything. Our advice for jobs that involve large or heavy goods is to have two movers. This is for the safety of all those taking part.

If there are things you’d like to discuss with us, please contact our team. We work to show we are the most trustworthy team for home removals Hartlepool can offer. Put your possessions in the safest hands today.