Taking a sensible approach with furniture removal

admin 13th November 2018

We have an outstanding track record for international and national removals Stockton clients can count on. Part of this is our excellent customer care. In addition we will pay the utmost attention with all of your items, even bulky furnishings.

Careful Dismantling Is Key

Before moving, dismantling larger items is very wise. It offers a host of benefits too. For starters it can make it easier to move these objects, reducing the chances of harming the movers, your home or your other belongings. It can also help keep the furniture in better condition and will take up less room during transportation. This is great if you are moving a big distance.

If you no longer have the assembly instructions, you will want to label everything. This will allow you to know where it all goes when it comes time to put it back together again. It is also important for you to keep any smaller parts like brackets and screws together to prevent confusion and hassle later on.

A Professional Helping Hand

We know removals and setting up in a new house can be tiring. This is the reason why we like to help people with as much as we can. This can include assisting with taking furnishings apart, reassembly and other unpacking.

Upon arrival at the destination, we can help put everything back together as it once was. We are highly skilled at this due to our practical experience in the industry.

Sometimes disassembly may not be possible as the design of some furniture means you can only build it once. If this is the case and we cannot dismantle it, there is no need to worry. We will take care of the items in question throughout the process. You can have confidence in the fact that we will always care for you and your belongings.

You can discuss any worries with a member of our team. This will allow us to tailor our work around your needs and give you a comprehensive service. If you want us to take care of tedious dismantling and assembly, all you need to do is let us know.

Regardless of how far you plan on moving, N&N Removals can provide you with first class services. This includes utilising our skills, equipment and coordinators to ensure we take care of everything. For more details on the national removals Stockton trusts, do not hesitate to contact us today at 0800 9550599.