How to protect your valuables when moving

admin 30th April 2018

At N&N Removals, we have a wealth of knowledge and experience assisting people with moving. Offering property removals Hartlepool loves, we can help regardless of how far you are moving, even overseas. We know how vital it is to pack your items carefully, especially those that are sentimental, valuable or irreplaceable. With the amount of people we have helped, we have learned a few ways to help with this.

Be patient with packing

Patience is the key; take extra time to secure everything. You need to be sure that you have plenty of the correct type of materials for each item. It is easier to buy more bubble wrap than you need when you compare it to trying to fix a broken item. Different items need specific packing methods. If you are unsure, you can call us as our caring staff would love to aid you.

While you may have worries about certain valuables and decide to carry them with you, you cannot do this with everything. If you’d like, keep your important documents and a couple of items with you in a small bag, but be sure to look after it.

Layers of packing materials

Fragile items like glass and plates need individual care when wrapping. Use layers of packing paper in-between for extra protection. You should not over pack your boxes with items, as the space for more packing materials can give you peace of mind.

When it comes to computers, wrap them in something heavy like a blanket. They tend to have a bit of weight, so packing paper alone may not be enough. Be sure to add a label too; that way they won’t get placed on or under other things that could lead to damage.

Any cables that you own need unplugging from devices. You can tidy them with elastic bands or cable ties to prevent tangling. If you are worried about plugging the cables back in again, you can take a picture so that you know where they go. Leaving a cable in a device is a bad choice. The bending and pressure that comes with moving can lead to damage, and in some cases they even snap in the port.

Be proactive

Don’t pack last minute; you need to prepare in advance. Everyone should give themselves as much time as possible. If you’re looking for an easier way, we offer a reliable packing service. We can help you understand how to pack items along with which ones need extra care. Carrying the necessary packing materials, along with boxes, is what we do. We label them with the contents to know what needs that extra attention.

Let us help you relieve some of the worries that come with moving by providing the best property removals Hartlepool has to offer. At N&N Removals, we enjoy helping you save time and effort. We also help you place furniture and boxes in the related rooms and possessions. Helping you unpack means that you can settle in even quicker!