Preparing for a relocation in winter

admin 21st October 2018

Moving across Europe is no easy task, but we work to make everything as simple as possible. This approach is why we have a reputation as the finest business for European removals Redcar has. Try a service for yourself to see how much help we can offer.

We tend to experience a fair amount of bleak weather during the winter. It’s likely that more will come in the future. Therefore, if you’re considering moving at this time of year, you must prepare yourself. The ideal place to begin would be by looking at the tips we’ve produced below.

Turn on the heat

Ensure that you take over the power supplies in your new property. If you can, converse with the previous owners in advance. Ask them to leave the heating on low once they leave. See to it that you make this a priority if they intend to move out a couple of days before you arrive. This way it ensures the property remains comfortable and reduces the risk of damp.

Pack the right things

With the cold weather you need warm clothing and the right footwear. Make sure you pack this where you can get to it easily. You can have your summer clothes packed away for longer because you won’t need them right away.

Think about slippery surfaces

Safety is absolutely crucial for removal people. If there is ice or snow it is a good idea to make sure the access routes to your current home and new property are safe. If you have time, put down sand or grit or shovel the drive or path. This will help to make the whole move more efficient. It also makes sure there is less risk of items getting dropped and damaged.

Moving overseas

If you are moving to Europe keep in mind that the weather in the new country may be very different. It is a good idea to check and make plans for it. Try to have someone at your new home in advance so they can make preparations for the arrival of the removal team.

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