Prepare yourself for packing pictures

admin 13th August 2019

Everyone worries when they are preparing to move house. It is only natural with such a big change. However, things can be different for you. This is possible if you choose to work with us. We are the number one establishment specialising in house removals Stockton has. Our team members care about the clients, as a result we want the best for you and nothing less.

It should not be surprising that the majority of movers suffer from the notorious packing fever once the moving date is set. Packing up your home is something you should view as a whole. You should think carefully about when to start and plan it so you finish shortly before the moving day. This way you don’t have to worry about what to pack and the potential of putting things away you may need.

Splitting the job up

If you split the job up into several smaller packing projects it will be easier. Start off with things that there is no chance you will need. This includes anything already in storage and things like books. Then move on to items like clothes for other parts of the year and anything that isn’t essential, including ornaments.


Packing up your pictures is something you can do early. Any albums or loose ones should fit nicely into boxes. Then you need to look at any you have in frames, whether they are on walls or standing on shelves or the mantle.

Do I need anything?

house removals StocktonYou can’t get straight into packing your pictures though. You will require the correct materials for that. Start off with suitable cardboard boxes. You should use bubble wrap and packing paper to protect the frames and glass. Ensure you wrap each one carefully, especially the corners. You can use packing tape to keep the wrapping in place.

Once you have your frames safely in boxes, make sure you label them. This way you or the movers know to handle them carefully and avoid stacking heavy items on top.

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