Our tips for downsizing

admin 19th June 2019

Every move has its own specifics. Therefore, you need a team that can tailor their service to suit you. N&N can do just that. More importantly, we are the most skilful team providing large removals Redcar has to offer. Expect unbeatable quality and great value for money from our company.

When people move, it is often to a bigger property. However, things can go the other way with you downsizing instead. In fact, there seems to be a trend going on right now. An increasing number of movers are choosing to go smaller. Knowing this, we feel that it is necessary to provide several tips on downsizing for anyone who is considering it.


One of the first things you should do is rid yourself of duplicate objects. Give them to friends and family if they need any of them. Alternatively, you can sell any item in good condition. After all, the household probably won’t require all those cushions, tables, glasses, or mugs. If you have items that you haven’t used for the past few years, be ruthless with them. The best place to look for these would be in the attic and the back of cupboards.


Another tip we have is to stop those non-essential subscriptions. This will really help you in minimising the pile of paper goods that build up in your home. Unsubscribe to any magazines you don’t read and dispose of every piece of junk mail. It is a good idea to recycle all of these items.

Measure up

large removals RedcarFinally, make great use of your measuring tape. Downsizing means less room for you to use. Measure all your furniture to make certain that everything is going to fit. If it won’t, you need to plan an alternative.

At N&N Removals, we are always happy to assist our clients with downsizing. We will make sure that we bring everything that is necessary for the move. This includes the right amount of staff members and the correct equipment. As a result we supply the best support with small and large removals Redcar can offer.

If you need our aid, please let us know.