Moving with pet rabbits

admin 6th December 2018

It’s our job as the leading business in domestic removals Darlington has to assist every client. The secret to a successful move is to begin by putting everybody at ease because his will leave everyone with a clear head. In this state, it’s easy to make those all important decisions.

Moving is hard enough without throwing pets into the equation. The real problem however is that many people don’t think about how their animals are coping. Their lives and routines are going to change permanently. Fortunately, you can take steps to lower their anxiety and stress.

Minimise the disruption

We’re going to talk about rabbits specifically here. Your success will depend on how great your preparation is. Begin by choosing a rabbit safe zone. Ideally, this must be the place with its toys and little house. Keep your packed possessions elsewhere. Do your best to preserve the status quo of this safe area for as long as you can.

Heat sensitive animals

You need to remember that rabbits are particularly sensitive to heat as well. There is only one way for them to regulate their body temperature. This is by sending blood through their ears. Sometimes, rabbits become too hot. When this happens, the vessels inside their ears expand. The blood cools slowly as it passes through the ears and travels to the rest of the body. Keep your interior temperature between 4.5°C and 24°C. This will keep your pets happy and also protects their health.

The right cage

Finally, ensure that you have an appropriate travelling cage. It has to be big enough that your rabbit stays comfortable. However, it can’t be too large. They could end up sliding around everywhere and this will take up lots more space.

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