Moving the bed and mattress

admin 20th April 2019

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Every home has a number of large objects and furnishings to think about. Beds are among the bulkiest items of all. Shifting them and mattresses is a task no one should ever take lightly. To make things easier, there is some useful advice on moving these items below. You can use it if you’re moving across the street, to somewhere else in the country, or overseas.

The size

Before you do anything, first consider the size of the bed. A king sized model is probably going to give you less trouble than a queen. The reason why is that a king size box spring is normally separated into two distinct halves. In some cases mattress will also be in two parts.

It’s the opposite with queen sized mattresses and springs; they are usually a single piece This makes manoeuvring them through doorways as well as up and down the stairs trickier.

Taking the bed apart

Best removals RedcarWhen you get to moving the bed, you’ll find that taking it apart isn’t that difficult. Start by washing and packing all bed comforters, blankets, pillows, and linens. Once you’ve packed everything up and stripped down the bed, pack the box spring and mattress. Carry each item lengthwise to the transport and be careful. You can begin disassembling the bed frame next. For protection, wrap the headboard and bed frame in bubble wrap. Make sure you keep all bolts safe.

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