Making yours a more eco-friendly move

admin 13th August 2018

Property moves come in various shapes and sizes. Since this is the case, you’ll need a versatile team to help you get sorted. We are the leading business for local removals Stockton on Tees has available. No matter how complicated things might initially seem, we will find a suitable solution.

When moving house, you’ll have a to-do list that includes everything from packing up teabags to remembering the animals. However, something else you should do is consider ways to make the procedure more eco-friendly. Packing, cleaning, conveying, stockpiling, and unpacking a house requires valuable energy and resources. If you wish to be more economical, we advise that you have a look at the advice we’ve prepared here.

Clear the kitchen

Begin by emptying the freezer and kitchen cupboards early. Try to use up whatever you can so that you don’t end up needlessly wasting food. It can be worth it to think about charities and donating anything you won’t use. If you contact Olio, they can come to your door and collect your unwanted goods. Considering that average households waste £470 worth of food each year, this is an excellent approach to take.


If there’s any furniture you can take with you, find a new home for it. We send around 300,000 tonnes of perfectly usable furnishings to landfills yearly. In addition to creating surplus rubbish, it wastes a substantial amount of money. This will become apparent once you think about the money you spent in the first place. Like your excess food, think about donating the furniture to charities. This will also help you to save resources.

At N&N Removals, we’re dedicated to making every move as efficient as possible. Repeatedly, we come across individuals who have no idea what to do with their belongings. We advise these people on what the ideal course of action would be. Once they know what they’re doing, we progress with the move.

If you would like to work with us, please give our establishment a call. You will quickly find we are the best for local removals Stockton on Tees has. Our knowledge of the area means we can provide fast, effective services and also cater for various special needs.