Make sure you stay safe when moving property

admin 19th September 2019

You need to make sure the property is a safe environment before you start a removal. Luckily for you, there are professional companies like ours that can be there to assist you. We are the team of experts you can count on. Our services are flexible, including the long distance removals Redcar clients can trust as well as short local moves.

We have written this article to provide you with advice so that when you are moving property, regardless of how far or how big the job is, you can stay safe.

Get everything you need for the job

It is important that you have everything you need for the move. This starts with getting a moving vehicle that can hold all of your possessions. It can also be incredibly helpful to have a sack barrow if you have a lot of big, heavy items. A ramp is another valuable tool if there are any steps.

Do you have a clear path?

People often do not have a clear view of where they are going when carrying big items. Because of this, you need to take extra care so they won’t trip and fall. Make sure all pathways are clear of any boxes and clutter. Move things away from where people might fall over them. Also, check for other hazards like buckled carpets that could cause people to trip.

Dress appropriately

Think about what you are going to wear on the day of the move. It is crucial that you choose footwear that is comfortable and sturdy. Avoid wearing any loose clothing even if it is hot. While it would keep you cool, it can get caught when you are lifting and carrying items.

Lift carefully

long distance removals RedcarPrevent injuries by keeping a neutral spine alignment when lifting heavy items. Bend your knees as you pick heavy objects up off the ground. Then, carry them close to your body to help you keep a good balance. If you need to turn at any point, do it with your hips first.

N&N is the team that can help make sure the process goes smoothly. This means helping you with packing, moving to your new location, and unpacking and placing items.

If you need first class assistance with long distance removals Redcar residents can count on us. Reach out now to discuss requirements with us.