Make sure you have everything before moving your computer

admin 12th September 2019

When it comes to IT removals Stockton clients know there is no one who can step up to the challenge like we can. Using our decades of experience, we look for the most suitable solutions for every type of move. This way, we can transport everything to your new location without causing any damage.

Learning how to safely move a computer is not something we do each day. The moment we have everything on the desk, it is normally there to stay. This is of course until we need to move office or home. Computers don’t come cheap since they are so essential for work and entertainment. As a result, attempting to move one can be a risky endeavour. If you want to move yours without the risk or stress, follow the advice below.


Prior to actually moving the computer, you need to pack it up appropriately. This will ensure that you can move it safely. These machines are delicate and can be heavy. Not to mention, they come with a fair number of cables and accessories. Preferably, you will want to keep the manufacturer’s box somewhere. Keep the protective packing it came with as well. By doing this, you won’t have any issues keeping everything packed snugly alongside the accessories. Just make sure you unplug everything.

What do I do if I don’t have the box?

If you lack the original box, then you should get your hands on a moving box that is an acceptable size. Simply measure the computer monitor and tower. Additionally, you will require packing supplies like newspaper, bubble wrap, and tape. Last but not least, acquire an external hard drive so you can back your data up in case things go awry.

Be careful with cables

IT removals StocktonIt is easy to damage cables when you are moving a computer. Take care to coil them safely rather than keeping them in a tangled mess. In addition, keep an eye on the connectors so you don’t damage them.

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