Make a fresh start in a new home

Visibility 10th January 2020

Cheap removals StocktonMoving is one of those jobs where you should probably ask for some professional help. Many people believe this is an overly expensive endeavour. However, the reality is very different. As one of the top teams specialising in cheap removals Stockton has, we provide cost effective solutions. While our services won’t break the bank, we always supply a first rate experience so our clients are happy.

In some cases, moving to a new home is what it takes to start over. It acts as a clean slate. The new home is empty and ready for you to decorate and fill. Once you move in, you can decide what everything is going to be like. Additionally, similar to New Year, this fresh start encourages people to change the overall way they care for their homes. Your move may well feel like an opportunity to reset your current habits. If it does, the following are things you can do to make the most of your new home.

Find and use a place for everything

Start off by actually deciding a place for everything. When we said you get to decide what everything is going to be like, we meant it. This includes items you would normally throw in a cupboard or drawer. Appoint spots for your belongings. If you require containers, purchase some. As you are going through the day, return everything to where you found it. By doing so, you won’t forget where they go.

As the top provider of cheap removals Stockton has, we have had the pleasure to do many jobs. Because of this we have a lot of experience with placing different items. We can offer lots of useful tips about everything from furniture to decorations.


Organise the mail as it comes in too. It is easy for it to build up if you are not sorting it as you go. The problem is even bigger if lots of people live in the property. All those catalogues and envelopes will pile up and fast. At times, you will even forget where you left them. When you move, commit yourself to sorting the mail as it arrives. Don’t let it accumulate. If it helps, keep a shredder or bin close to the entrance.

Use a cleaning schedule

tidying upAnother piece of advice we have here is to create a cleaning schedule and stay with it. You can make it flexible if you want, but make sure it covers all the important things. Create a cleaning calendar or some guidelines at the very least. This will allow you to begin life in your new home by not piling things up.

If there is anything you are struggling with, we recommend following 24-hour rules for them. Take a few steps back here and reflect on everything that you are finding difficult. For the 24-hour rule, you don’t need to do it straight away. However, you are not allowed to leave it overnight for over 24 hours. What this means for you is no clothes on the chair and no dishes in the sink for over a day.

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