Household Removals Stockton-On-Tees

Since 1996, the team here at N&N Removals has been providing first rate services for all of its clients. We began in Middlesbrough but we kept getting customers from more and more different areas. These days, the whole Teesside region knows our name. In fact, among others we are the number one business specialising in household removals Stockton-On-Tees has to offer.

No worries!

It is understandable that people worry when they move home. After all, this is one of the biggest undertakings you will experience in your lives. Thankfully, the first part of our service involves us taking the worry away from you. We take care of all the important tasks so that you don’t have to. Every member of our team is a hardworking, down to earth individual that cares about the client’s needs.

Your own personal coordinator

When you choose our service, you will receive a personal coordinator. It is their job to talk about your specifications with you. This allows us to tailor the experience so that it suits your situation. They are also always on hand to supply professional removal tips and advice.

In addition, the coordinator will ensure that everyone turns up at the right time, and that they have the correct expertise and skills. They will have no trouble giving your belongings the care and respect they deserve. Speak to the top team working in household removals Stockton-On-Tees has when you want this kind of personal service.

Moving day

Next, we will discuss what happens on the big day itself. When it arrives, expect our people to be ready. Once we get to your property, we shall introduce you to everyone you will be working with. That way you know everyone handling your items is a professional.

The first order of business will be to safeguard every vulnerable area, carpets included. When they finish, the team shall securely and safely load all furniture and boxes onto our dedicated removal vehicles. Our vans are purpose-built models that use the highest quality webbing and blankets. This offers your items maximum protection when they are in transit. In other words, they will be safe throughout the process.

A comprehensive packing service

Household Removals Stockton-On-TeesSomething else that draws people towards us is our comprehensive packing service. It can be full, part, or owner packing depending on your preferences. We can even loan you the packing materials for free.

Making mistakes at this stage can prove disastrous. Therefore, you want to make certain you do things the right way. Our skilful packers make use of systematic packing techniques as well as storage ones. The goal is to keep your objects safe while they are out of your hands. You will also be glad to hear that this service includes the dismantling of furniture.

Once we arrive at your new destination, we shall aid you with the unpacking and even reassemble any furniture. In addition to saving you effort and time, this service allows you to benefit from top calibre insurance cover. You are more than welcome to handle all the packing yourself however if you desire.

The best for household removals in Stockton-on-Tees

Anyone who requires our services is free to contact us. If you wish to do this by phone, our landline number is 0800 9550599 and our mobile is 07541 633062. For emails, the address is The greatest company working in household removals Stockton-On-Tees has will be there to help. Trust us to make your move a smooth one.