Have you thought of everything?

admin 20th July 2019

The moving team at N&N is one that always makes an effort for the client. We arrive when we say we will so you don’t have to wait around. In addition, you can expect us to have enough people to manage the job. Furthermore, we make it a point to bring the correct equipment with us, including trolleys and straps. For these reasons and many others, we are the best when it comes to small removals Redcar has to offer.

When you are preparing for a move, you need to think about all sorts of details. This includes the standard things like furniture and belongings. However, there are additional items that often slip our minds. So that you don’t forget, we are going to reveal what some of them are.

Your first meal

The evening meal is something you have to make arrangements for. Do so in advance of the move. The last thing you want to end up doing is attempting to cook when things are hectic and the kitchen and dining room is still in boxes. In addition you may not have time to get to the shop to buy food. If you have no practical choices, ordering a takeaway is an easy option.


Medication is another big thing to think about. You should ensure you have everything you need to hand. Keep it safe during the move and store it somewhere easy to find in the new property while you arrange everything else. If anyone has any allergies to dust or suffers from asthma, make sure they are careful while moving.

Media services

small removals RedcarFinally, don’t neglect your important media service. It is likely that you have a subscription for cable or satellite TV and internet. If so, you will need to make plans to transfer everything. Do this in advance so you don’t have a long wait without these services.

At N&N Removals, we strive to find and provide the perfect solution for every situation. It is true that we are the foremost company working in small removals Redcar has. However, we are able to handle moves of various sizes. In each case we always look to offer the best value we can.

If you wish to see us in action yourself, contact us today.