Get your business in order

admin 14th April 2018

It’s not easy moving between premises, but our team is one that’s here to ensure that everything goes smoothly. People consider us the leading company for business removals Stockton on Tees has. As such, you can expect a first class service and nothing less when you choose to work with us.

Not everyone prepares themselves properly for what lies ahead when it comes to moving their business. Since this is the case, there is the potential for making costly and sometimes dangerous mistakes. This is not a desirable situation to be in. If you wish to avoid any trouble, then you should have a look at the tips below.

Does the furniture fit?

One of the first things you need to do is confirm that your furniture fits nicely into the new building. You might need a space plan here. This may sound elementary initially. However, on moving day, it will save you valuable time. After-all, you’ll be able to account for obstacles such as pillars and stairs.

Excess equipment

Use the move as an opportunity to get rid of any surplus stationary or filing gear still at the old address. In addition to having less to take with you, you’ll feel better after you’ve had a clean out. Don’t forget to focus on the new property either. It might require a bit of looking after. This could be anything from giving it a new paint job to replacing the worn out blinds and carpets. It is generally best to see to this before you move items in.

Finally, you need to decide what’s happening with everything on your walls. This includes television sets, notice boards, and artwork. You also have to sort out who will be transporting what.

At N&N Removals, we’ve trained our team to meet the highest of standards while they are on the job. They shall remain with you throughout every step of the process, asking for your input and offering their own opinions when necessary. This attention is why we are one of the best for business removals Stockton on Tees has.

If you would like our assistance with your move, please give us a call.