Don’t be deterred with a cross country move

admin 5th August 2018

The thought of moving across the country can be very daunting but don’t let the distance trouble you. With the right movers on your side the relocation can go much smoother. At N&N we work hard to deliver consistent services, regardless of the type of move. Our approach makes us the top team for cross country removals Darlington has.

When you switch one coast for another or trade north for south there is plenty to occupy your mind. First you need to make sure you have a home to move into and a date for moving in. Next you need to think about packing everything and how to move it.

There are several things you can do to make moving across country easier. Below are some useful tips for you to consider.


Surprisingly the most expensive time to move, whether it is locally or nationally, is during the summer. This is when demand is highest because families with children have more free time. If you don’t have kids to worry about or can make arrangements while they are in school you could save big. Off-peak removal season runs from around September to May because fewer people want to make the move. As a result you may find a cheaper service.

Make it even cheaper to move

The cost of a move depends on several things, including the volume of things you are taking with you and all of the packing materials. A good way to save is to reduce the amount of items you are taking with you. In addition you can save money on some packing materials. You’ll likely have a number of things that will be fine packed into old boxes from the supermarket. Just remember to take care with delicate items.

Plan the route

A final requirement is to plan the route carefully. It can be a very long distance to move and losing time stuck in traffic is not ideal. You want to get the smoothest move possible, avoiding things like tolls, low bridges and tough hills.

N&N Removals has a wealth of experience to call on. As a result we can deliver the right service for any kind of needs. We are the top team for cross country removals Darlington has to offer. Contact us today to talk about your move.