Dealing with different wardrobes

admin 26th September 2019

As a professional establishment, we have the task of removing all sorts of items from the properties of our clients. Because of how careful we are, people consider us to be the most skilful company working in large removals Hartlepool has. We can carefully and effectively handle various items.

At times, it is impossible to tell whether a wardrobe is going to fit in your new property. What you need to do is look at the size of the item and consider if there are any ways to make the removal easier.

Single or double wardrobes

Large removals HartlepoolWhile they can be very large, it should be possible to move these wardrobes in one piece. What you need to think about though is how tight doorways, hallways and stairwells are. If you have a narrow staircase and a low overhanging ceiling, it may cause issues. Here the only option may be to take the item apart.

If you have enough room to move the wardrobes without taking them apart but they are too heavy, try removing drawers and doors. It is an especially good idea to remove the latter if there are mirrors. This will save an impressive amount of weight and you can also wrap each door to give the mirrors some extra protection.

Triple and antique designs

If it is a triple wardrobe, you should know that in most cases you cannot move them in one piece. As a result, you will need to dismantle them.

With antique wardrobes, they may not be too hard to move because of the nature of their designs. The bottom rails and top plinths usually separate with ease. Furthermore, the main body is normally in parts capable of detaching into segments.

If you do dismantle a wardrobe, make sure you keep the pieces together and save all the fixtures. The last thing you want is to get to putting it back together only to find you have lost the screws.

At N&N Removals, we are always around to offer advice if you need it. We do this as part of our first rate service. In addition, we are able to tailor any part of our services to account for the circumstances.

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