Assign a packing room and be careful with the boxes

admin 19th March 2019

There are all sorts of stages in the moving process. Each one can be troublesome, but some are trickier than others are. It is during these steps where you could use the most help. If you need assistance with packing for overseas removals Redcar has no better company than ours.

Long distance removals are the toughest of all. However, when you’re talking about packing, where you’re going doesn’t matter. In every situation, the key to getting through everything is preparation. With that being said, here are some of the top tips we have on packing for your move.

A dedicated space for packing

Something we recommend is having a packing room ready. Pick a corner of your house or a room you don’t really use much to act as your packing station. Build boxes here to make them easier to grab. In addition, keep a collection of packing materials, tape, and thick markers nearby.

Large boxes and heavy items don’t mix

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that huge boxes are for large and heavy goods. Many believe this but it’s actually the opposite. The larger the box, the more you risk overfilling it or making it too heavy. If you do this it can be very hard to move or collapse in the process. Instead, fill your bigger boxes with lighter objects. As for the heavy items, like books for instance, place them in small boxes.

Making more work

People often empty chests and dressers prior to moving. This only adds more packing time. It also wastes truck space you can use for other items. Do yourself a favour and leave the dressers filled if you can.

At N&N Removals, we offer a full packing service that’s handled by some of the most experienced people in the business. They use systematic techniques to ensure that everything arrives at the new destination safely. When you get to your new home, they will put all of your boxes in rooms of your choice.

We are the very best team and offer packing for overseas removals Redcar residents can rely on. If you require our aid, please get in touch with us.