Are you packing your cables and computers correctly?

admin 4th July 2019

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Packing your electrics

One of the most important things you need to do during these kinds of moves is pack your computers and cables properly. This equipment is likely to be among the most crucial and expensive assets for your business. By following these guidelines, you can guarantee their safety while you are moving.

Use the right supplies

Start by using the correct packing supplies to safeguard each machine individually. Cover your electronics with heavy blankets or bubble wrap that you then secure with tape. This way, you can obtain a tight hold. Avoid stacking your computers on top of other goods so there is no chance of them dropping to the floor. In addition, don’t stack other objects on top of them.

Give special attention to the cables

Your cables are also going to need special attention. There is nothing more time consuming or annoying than having to organise disorderly cables. However, you must remove them from the computers to prevent damage and misplacement. It is wise to coil your cables and place them in big zip-locked bags. Label them by writing down the details of the individual machine they come from on every bag too. This will allow for optimal organisation.

Check the labels

business removals DarlingtonWe have one final tip about moving computers and similar gear to share. Always take the time to read the warning labels and instructions. They will help you to move everything correctly. You may void the warranty if you ignore them and damage something.

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