Answering your questions about removals

admin 25th November 2019

Cheap removals RedcarEvery move has its own specifics that make it unique. Knowing this, we set out to offer each client a great experience that is bespoke to them. Something else we provide is cheap removals Redcar residents can rely on. The price may not be premium, but our results certainly are.

Everyone has questions to ask when it comes to moving properties. It is only natural with so much to take care of. To give you some of the answers you seek, we are going to go over some of the most common questions we receive.

What size van do I need?

Many ask about the size of van they are going to get. Our staff members shall decide this after they complete a survey of your house. We have a responsibility not to make a mistake here because if the vehicle is too small it will take more trips. On the other hand if it is too big the space will go to waste and your items could potentially move around more. Our people can also use any information given to them by you to calculate the van size we will need.

How many people will help me move?

A similar question asks how many people will be there to do the removal. Again, we use the details from the survey and the client to decide how many people we need to complete the job. The choice comes down to the quantity of goods to shift. Moving schedules also factor in here. Call us today to work with the best business specialising in cheap removals Redcar has.

When will the removal vans arrive?

Some ask how long it takes for removal vans to arrive at their new properties. The majority of vehicles in the industry have a speed limit of 56mph. Therefore, when dealing with long distances, it can take them much longer to arrive. Chances are you will get there first. Your home could be more than 200 miles away for example. If it is, the removal driver will have to stop for 45 minutes at least for a break.

Is it easy to access items in storage?

Another question is whether you can access your goods when they are in storage. What you must understand here first is that self-storage and container storage are two separate beasts. Once sealed inside the container, your items end up getting stored at a warehouse with other containers. This does make access difficult, but it keeps your belongings safe. It is possible to arrange access in advance. Self-storage is typically more expensive but you could have the benefit of 24-hour access.

Can you let me do the packing?

As for anyone who is asking whether they can do their own packing, the answer is yes. If you are happy to do this, our advice is to use boxes that are strong and big enough. You need to seal the boxes too. Anyone who struggles with this area is more than welcome to ask us for help.

Arranging cheap removals in Redcar

At N&N Removals, we always strive to aid our clients in any way we can. This means that in addition to helping you move, we will also answer any queries you might have. Our goal is to give you the best service and peace of mind that you can make the move without forgetting anything.

If you would like to work with the top company working in cheap removals Redcar has, please get in touch. We are confident you will be happy with our prices and the level of service you receive.