Advice on moving televisions when you move house

admin 29th April 2019

Moving house is a tricky business that may require expert help to avoid problems. Having operated since the 90s, our team is one of the most experienced in the industry. While we take on lots of local moves, we are also the best when it comes to cross country removals Hartlepool has. No matter the circumstances, we always find a way to complete the job smoothly.

These days, it’s not unusual to take part in a house move that involves moving between 2 and 5 televisions. It is normally the case that most rooms in the home have one. The good thing here is that modern TVs are slimmer and lighter. This makes them easier to carry. However you still need to avoid complications. You will need to do some preparation if you want to do this.


You might be fortunate enough to still have the original packaging. If you do, use it. Typically, it contains polystyrene protection. This allows it to fit around your set. After you encase it, you can place the TV in the cardboard carton. This will make it ready for travel.

If you don’t have the packaging start with a regular removal carton and fill the voids around the TV to keep it safe. You can use various types of box filler. Remember to look after the screen and put something soft in front of it.

Extra steps

Cross country removals HartlepoolThere are also some additional steps you should take when attempting to pack a TV. It is a good idea to number your cables before you remove them. Next, draw up a simple plan that details where which cable came from. Once you have to reconnect your TV in your new house, you won’t need to deal with a mass or wires. It’s also a smart idea to pack your remotes and cables together. This way, you’ll have an easy time identifying them.

At N&N Removals, we provide tailored services that have an unmatched level of quality. We do everything in our power to meet the needs of clients. This includes offering lots of tips about moving as well as packing different items. Our ability to help with every part of a move makes us the best team for cross country removals Hartlepool has.

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